Terms & Conditions


  • Owner or Owners refers to the owners, creators, agents, partners, and representatives of type-recorder LLC, the type-recorder website, web application, and blog.
  • type-recorder refers to type-recorder LLC and any content, products, services, features, and the like of the type-recorder website, application, or blog, as well as the type-recorder website, application, and blog as an entity.
  • User or Users refers to any individual persons, group of people, or organization or organizational entity of any kind that makes use of type-recorder as defined above.
  • Content refers to any type of content (text, images, files, etc.) input, downloaded, or uploaded to or from type-recorder by any user or owner.


Use of the type-recorder application, website, blog, or any affiliated service, product, content, or the like by a user is at the will of the user.

type-recorder is not nor are its owners responsible for usage of type-recorder by any user. type-recorder does not nor do its owners obligate any use of any feature by any user.

Users supply their own text content when interacting with the type-recorder text-to-speech application. Users are responsible for complying with any applicable rules or laws when sourcing content or utilizing content produced by type-recorder.


type-recorder is not nor are its owners liable for the use or misuse by any user of the content provided to and/or produced by type-recorder. The user is responsible for any use of content from type-recorder produced or taken or copied by the user however modified or unmodified.

type-recorder and its Owners are not liable for any purchases nor for the consequences of any purchases made by Users for any products that may or may not have been advertised, promoted or otherwise in any type-recorder content at any time presently or in the past or in the future.

Reservation of Rights

type-recorder and Owners reserve all rights to modify these terms and conditions or the privacy policy at any time for any reason without notice to any user.

type-recorder and Owners reserve all rights to modify, update, or enhance type-recorder and any of its components as defined for any reason at any time without notice to any user.

User Rights

User has a right to privacy under the law as defined by the law and international privacy standards. type-recorder does not track or keep user data beyond what is required to ensure adequate delivery of application services. For example, the text entered by a user in the text-to-speech application may be saved in the form of text or an audio file for an indeterminate period of time until deleted by the type-recorder application or type-recorder application hosting system. Neither the owners nor type-recorder keep, sell, or track this information.

type-recorder does supply information to external services for the purposes of processing text-to-speech and generating type-recorder application output.

For more information on privacy and how information is handled by other parties, see the type-recorder privacy policy.

Additional Notices

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